Service Dogs & Animals

We welcome individuals with service dogs. However, we do require the following procedures be followed:

1) You are not required to disclose your disability or submit diagnostic documents. We do require a statement that you are disabled and your service animal can benefit your health and safety.  Many times a physician will provide a “prescription” for your service dog which you can provide as well.

2) Please provide proof that your service dog has been certified by a medical professional. We prefer a letter from a licensed doctor stating that your disability may benefit from your service dog. (Tenants asking for accommodations for their emotional support animal need to provide a letter from their therapist or mental health care provider.)  A card from a “certifying company” will not suffice.

3) Please provide proof that your service dog is specially trained for your disability.

4) Please provide current copies of your service dog’s health records showing the animal is in good health, parasite-free and immunized/vaccinated. Should your rental application be approved, we will require a copy of the registration and vaccination records for the county in which the property is located within 10 days of lease commencement.  Failure to provide this information will be considered a default of the lease terms.

Please email the above requested information to

All tenants are required to carry renter’s insurance. We request you have sufficient liability insurance to cover any potential liability that may arise due to your service dog.

NOTE: We reserve the right to request you remove the service dog from the property if your service dog has aggressively threatened someone. If you refuse to remove the aggressive service dog from the property, we further reserve the right to terminate your tenancy.